Corporate Event Planning

A Plan for Success! Our professional planners, writers and talent achieve top results, every time!

"Our guests enjoyed your event and I have heard nothing but compliments about how much fun everyone had. Most of the compliments I heard centered around the fact that it was a great way to have fun with co-workers in an fun environment outside of the office" -- PBI Actuarial - Jan 30/2009

We have all the resources and talent you need to make your company, client, staff, group or office entertainment event an enjoyable success; whether an intimate group of 10 or a larger gathering of 200+.

Custom themes are tailored specifically to your needs.

Slixer Entertainment provides; professional hosts, actors, technicians, scripts, documents, equipment and prizes plus customization to your group and professional event decorators for you; team, group, agency, association or company.

We utilize and perform in many fine restaurants and venues, office towers and the great outdoors in every Canadian & US centre. Vancouver, Seattle, Calgary, Edmonton, Chicago, Winnipeg, Montreal, Boston, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Toronto, and Ottawa.

A classic example of our Movie Making:

Corporate functions such as; dinner theatre, improv, scavenger hunts, filming comedic team building events and cruises are an excellent options for your corporate function.

With our unique events you have the best of both worlds - fine food, limousines, mansions and entertainment; learning and laughing, always set in classy restaurants, flagships, new vehicles, castles or any venue you would like to use; this entertaining and fun way takes the "dull" out of company and corporate functions.

Corporate event planning is made painless and smooth; we understand the expectations and absolute need for a successful event. Delivering on that promise is why we have such positive feedback from satisfied clients virtually every function we produce.

Is it a holiday party or Christmas party, year end, office or staff party, conference or an award ceremony that needs some livening up during dinner or during the day with a team building or bonding event, a luncheon with clever  entertainment? Or a team building event to bring a specific skill or management style to fruition within a team or simply introduce new recruits or new hires to each other in a non-intimidating environment.

Well, our corporate events are sure to impress, we use professional actors, crew, equipment and talent to entertain you and your guests during the function, using information farmed from you to complete the one of a kind gathering. We take the anxiety out of organizing and do everything for you; from organizing the chosen function to securing the venue and arranging for menu choices and drink arrangements.

We provide all the coordination for the function and fun to happen seamlessly and professionally for your company function, teambuilding or entertainment needs. The perfect event in the perfect atmosphere; our fun and effective corporate events are always of the highest calibre for your staff party, client pleaser or executive relaxation.

In Toronto, Ottawa, Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Chicago, Boston, Montreal, Los Angeles and San Fransisco we offer only the best in corporate event planning with the classiest of locations and venues; trendy restaurants in downtown, cruise ships on the harbour, office towers for filming and an array of great resources. With our executive team in Toronto, we can accommodate any company or corporate group for a one-off, unique event, specially designed for your function.